I was about to have a horrible ‘boil in the bag fish’ low on funds, low on social life – when an old mate of mine texted me said he was in town and was gigging at the Old Launderette in Gilesgate.
My mate, Martin Stephenson, a blessed man with incredible musical skills and an amazing craic of a professional Stand Up.
So there was I thinking – fish supper that tasted of soggy cardboard? or a night out in Durham with great music.

No hesitation I whipped my coat on and headed for the bus stop.
I have to get three buses to Gilegate, my first bus was the Number 50 which goes all around the houses. So to keep awake I kept dipping into my phone, checking out Social Media posts. But I kept looking up and every bus stop, nearly every panel was glowing white with the words “do you want to advertise here? Contact Durham Council” I then thought wow wouldn’t it be amazing if these were filled with Artist’s works, not just images but Poetry as well.

So I went to the gig, it was pure genius as per. Martin was so funny and at the same time musically sublime.

I contacted Durham Council and chatted with a member of staff who works in the advertising dept. I was very excited as they had the same idea!! WOW! On the same page from the outset.
The dreaded Lockdown occurred, but we kept in touch.
If I was to advertise on 86 billboards for 12 weeks it would cost me £103k.
So they gave me this great opportunity to raise the printing costs and thats it… Just the printing. The rest is history.