Daisy Arts

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B.U. … beautifully you: we begin life by being our true selves.  Over time, who we truly are and what we then share with the world around us, can sometimes become different; physical, emotional, biological and social challenges can impact who we are, the way we are.  We present a version of ourselves that we hope will see us right.

‘B.U. … be who you are’ is a project designed to reach those with poor mental health and autism; providing support for all ages, who find it hard to engage face-to-face due to poor mental health and well-being.  Working in partnership, Daisy Arts is an additional provider. giving much-needed support to those that suffer in silence.  ‘B.U. … beautifully you’ has developed as part of their engagement; sharing the stories of those they have met; artwork that supports discussion and understanding.

Daisy Arts is a Bishop Auckland based Arts Company that creates work through public participation and neighbourhood engagement to reflect and challenge the lives of participants and audience.  Using freelance artists, who are leaders in their field and experienced in public engagement, we are known for our vibrant and innovative approach.  Their work is based on connecting with their community, a practise they have sustained for many years, giving support to all-ages and abilities; projects that inspire and help growth of individuals and communities as a whole.