Sue Ross Skitt

Title: Vanitas Foundation of Time

In revisiting the tradition of still life as a memento mori, through mixed media, I created a series of challenging pieces, incorporating a diverse range of media, and medium.
This explores silk screen printing, hand cut collage, hand painted surfaces, photography, to capture my working practice in another dimension through Mixed Media, Collage; they work well with my fine art still life vanitas photographs. The use of this medium has been explored to assist an individual approach to my working practice.
In taking something from everyday, and freezing it in a collage mixed media, the desire is to stop time itself, which is to capture an image of something as it exists at that particular instance. Although the action implies a wish to neglect the effects of death, effectively it hastens death, multiplies it and personifies it. The series of vanitas colleges is a conscious or unconscious reminder of death and decay. Sue Skit BA (Hons)