Emilia Telese

Title: HEIMSÀLFA - Continent A Performance for World Rebirth Day 2020

About Heimsàlfa “According to geological theories, the Eurasian and North American plates are pushed apart in the Reykjanes Peninsula, Iceland, where the two crustal plate extremities are bounded by eruptions, ravines and craters. A bridge joins the two continents over this constantly changing border. I crossed that bridge to mark mine and the Earth's infinite rebirth. “ Written, performed and directed by Emilia Telese Original soundtrack composed by Ólafur D. Eggertsson

Title: Revolutionary Skincare

“My work Revolutionary Skincare re-appropriates beauty industry claims and reimagines them for a future age where we are no longer afraid to show our imperfections. I invented a fictitious product, AGESKIN(TM), essentially our own skin we live in, which changes every day and shows the passage of time, emotions, and our lived life. Here I am wearing AGESKIN in 36.” Part of Perfect 10, my ongoing work about body image, started in 2006. The work was commissioned by Artsway and sold at auction in 2010 Emilia Telese’s work for Artstops was also featured in this year’s RIM Report about Italians abroad, as a featured artist of Italian origin based outside of Italy.