Athena Winchester Shore

Title: God Adores You (G-A-Y)

This is a multi-media piece that I created using watercolours for the blue sky and acrylic paint for the rainbow and clouds. I cut the dove, which represents the Holy Spirit, out of an old Christmas card and glued on and the pride flags were printed out and also glued on. I created a little scroll out of a few different cardboard and paper items and used a calligraphy pen and ink to write the sign.

I created this piece of art because conservative religious views about queer people and our community are really hurting us. When I became a Christian again I had to contend with the fact that other Christians felt this way. I struggled with my mental health as a result of being in a situation where other peoples’ beliefs told me that who I am is sinful and that God did not approve of me or those like me and that we had to deny who we are to have the Lord’s favour. I had suicidal thoughts as a result of the scary belief that other queer people might miss out on the gifts that God has given to us because they don’t want to engage with people who hold hateful views. I feel responsible for making sure that queer people can know God without having to deal with views that could be perceived as hateful. If you are LGBTQIA+ and are unsure about whether God loves you, I am here to say God Adores You (G-A-Y)