Paul Summers


Liminal Blue

Liminal Red

Paul is a writer, artist & amateur archaeologist. For the last couple
of years he’s spent most daylight low-tides meticulously excavating
an old shipwreck on a promontory of rock at the mouth of the River Tyne.
In between digging for artefacts, he spends a considerable
amount of time staring out at the ever changing liminal where the
North Sea meets the sky.
Both his recent writing & images are heavily influenced by these
expansive seascapes.

alchemy(for narbi price)

on freestone point all time dissolves,
melting in the brine of the middle wave’s spittle.
each stubborn rock, reluctant but complicit
contemplates its passage to dune or bar.
distance is a line of tailors’ chalk,
our futures poised in its arc’s slick magick.
the heft of cloud compressing light,
conjuring violet from whispered white.

missa saecularia

there is grace 
in the the swell 
of curving light,
the bulging liminal’s 
cornflower blush,
in nettle & dock,
in crow-song burr,
the casual whitethroat’s 
perfect poise.

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