Gary Davis

My career has spanned 35 years in the Media Sector. After qualifying in Electrical Engineering my career started in the Film and TV industry.

Following several years when the Film Industry was in transition we worked on many innovations which were the building blocks for some of today’s technology.

The next stage in my development was to start one of the first “Technology” driven visual art companies. Predominantly in the video sector but incorporating Lighting, Audio and Multi Media. We grew this from start up to a fully quoted plc.

My passion for photography has been a constant since I was 13 years old. In fact I still have my first Minolta SLR. Now my speciality is wildlife which is a passion as well as a business. I am always looking for a different approach to make the animal the star of the image. The Kestrel was shot in a studio to show the beauty of the bird. Kingfishers are magical, they fly past but no one actually gets to see them. I use my images to educate youngsters to explain why we need to preserve wildlife.