Emma Poppy

Epic Synesthesia: large canvas made of 4 1 metre by 1 metre canvases. so 4 square metres. It tells the story about a dragon, a goddess, a maze and death. And it’s the first painting who that made me realise how much my synesthesia influences my work. Because i see words, people, moments, musique and feelings in colours. It’s a strange ability that I share with 4% of the population. But for a painter it’s a really an amazing tool.

Red Whale Flying: Oil on canvas 65 cm x 92 cm This painting came on it’s own like all my paintings, it happens to be a dreamlike flying red whale. I guess it’s looking for something going out of its comfort zone. Trying to improve its skills or feel things stronger. But feeling free and lighter … breezing

Emma Poppy is a 43 year old french artist. For a long time, she has been painting in a very “academic” way, but she knew she was hiding in her comfort zone. She felt the strong urge to explore what she calls “intuitive painting”. Thanks to her technical background, she gives life to new shapes with strong colors. By just letting go and paint with no inner judgment and accepting what is, what comes out of the interaction between the brush and the painting on the canvas. She didn’t expect that, by following that path, her subconscience would express itself so loudly. It’s something she experiences deaply, many questions and introspection occuring as she dives into that new way of expressing herself. It’s an artistic and philisophical journey. She wants to see how far this can take her, and remaining in the purest creativity possible, without letting anything shift it. Emma feels she still has a long way to go and many things to discover. Mainly by working on bigger canvas. There are shap

There are shapes and themes coming frequently and others that still want to pop out of her head. So her work will evolve and keep on growing.