Chris Plant

Created from a photogrammetry 3d Scan of Hog Weed captured during in lockdown, the flowers are unfolding from the pod like buds, almost looking like tentacles, and gave the impression of an alien flora. The colours have been amplified, but are part of what drew me to the plant.

Processed in vvvv, a realtime 3d engine, as a point cloud, the 3d points being recreated as circles and coloured from the source images.

I like the ghostly quality that partially recreated scenes have, given its long timescale, both in capturing the images and the processing, it reminds me of early photographic processes as the detail is destroyed by movement. This is evident in this scan as the even gently breeze will move a plant.

(Photogrammetry scans are created by taking a large number of photographs from many different angles and using software to find correlating features, to create a 3d representation of the scene, there are apps for mobile phones, for example Trnio, or for desktop, Meshlab, Photoscan and more.)