Ben Ponton

Ben Ponton is composer, musician and visual artist based in Newcastle upon Tyne. He makes music with two groups, :zoviet*france: and the Black Glass Ensemble and is a founder member of both. His most recent music release is ‘Witness 4’ a collaboration with Black Glass Ensemble’s director, Michael Begg that uses meteorological data to generate music mixed with location recordings from Newcastle, captured at the point when Comet Neowise was at its closest point to Earth.

The work reproduced for Art Stops is one of a new series he has begun, titled ‘Decalcomania’, that marks a return to painting after a long absence from it. As well as making visual work, he is a producer and curator of contemporary arts projects and, as a curator, is currently working with Allenheads Contemporary Arts as part of their Covid-19 lockdown project, ‘Call Centre’. His music and sound work can be found here: